Thank you for mentoring this year's cohort of pre-service teachers from The University of Queensland.

Professional development for teachers

If you are looking for professional development for teachers and other school staff, please consider our Educational Studies suite for your professional development needs. We offer a range of courses and programs for educators, educational support staff and educational leaders.

    Placement information

    Thank you for considering taking UQ School of Education students for placements at your school. 

    Please find below all of the information you will need to know.

    If you have any other questions or require more information, please email the Placements Support team or call 3365 6550.

    Supervising Teachers – Requirements and Responsibilities

    We are always looking for quality, passionate and highly skilled teachers to supervise our UQ preservice teachers.

    The supervising teacher plays a key role in the professional preparation of future teaching colleagues by offering close tutorial assistance, support and evaluative advice over the professional experience period.

    We are looking for supervising teachers who:

    •  Have at least 2 to 3 years of teaching experience and must have full teacher registration status through the Queensland College of Teachers
    • Are recommended/identified as a suitable mentor by the Principal/Deputy Principal/Head of Department/Lead Teacher
    • Have a genuine interest in helping to support, guide and mentor preservice teachers
    • Understand and appreciate that working with preservice teachers is a mutually beneficial experience
    • Are able to liaise with our UQ Professional Experience Facilitators in the interests of improving the performance of our preservice teachers

    Roles and responsibilities of a supervising teacher:

    We request that supervising teachers offer the following guidance to preservice teachers. This statement is based on the Agreement on Teaching Practice negotiated by the Teachers’ Unions and Universities.

    • During the first day of the placement, discuss an appropriate pattern of observations and teaching with the preservice teacher.
    • Provide guidance on school policies and procedures particularly OH&S and Child Protection policies
    • Provide the preservice teacher with copies of, or access to the relevant portions of the school work program or planning documents, and with details of teaching topics, timetables and resources. This enables preparation in advance of lessons and or units or sequences of lessons.
    • Advise the preservice teacher on planning a sequence of lessons and learning experiences appropriate to the age, ability and motivational levels of the class, and to the stage of development of the preservice teacher.
    • Peruse any preservice teacher’s lesson or unit plans before the lesson or unit, and provide any help that seems appropriate. Preservice teachers should not teach any lesson unless the written plan has been submitted to the supervising teacher for review prior to the implementation of the lesson.
    • Comment on lessons given, verbally and/or by means of written comments on the lesson plan. The performance indicators set out in the Evaluation report for the placement should be used to provide formative evaluation.
    • Provide guidance on class management procedures and on the broader school policies and procedures.
    • Provide a wide range of observation situations.
    • Discuss class evaluation (feedback) and assessment procedures with the preservice teacher.
    • Foster a ‘co-teacher’ or ‘teaching colleague’ or ‘mentoring’ relationship with the preservice teacher.
    • Provide guidance on overall development as a teacher.

    How we support supervising teachers:

    Schools and teachers play an integral role in the professional experience and therefore the School of Education recognises and acknowledges the importance of providing ongoing support and professional development to the school site coordinators and supervising teachers that host and supervise our preservice teachers. The supervising teacher/preservice teacher relationship has the potential to be mutually beneficial and as such there are a number of resources, documents and programs that are available to best support and facilitate this effective partnership. Support materials are available through the School of Education, the Queensland College of Teachers and the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership.  We also offer a number of academic programs for educators and educational support staff.

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    Primary Semester 1

    Primary Professional Experience 2
    Bachelor of Education (Primary)
    Primary Professional Experience 1
    Master of Teaching (Primary)
    Primary Professional Experience 3
    Master of Teaching (Primary)
    Diversity and Inclusive Education
    Bachelor of Education (Primary) 

    Secondary Semester 1

    Developing Professional Practice
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - Dual degrees
    Numeracy Across the Curriculum
    Master of Teaching (Secondary)
    Developing Professional Practice
    Master of Teaching (Secondary)
    Diversity and Inclusive Education
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - Dual degrees

    Primary Semester 2

    Introduction to Primary Professional Experience
    Bachelor of Education (Primary)
    Primary Professional Experience 3
    Bachelor of Education (Primary)               
    Primary Professional Experience 4
    Bachelor of Education (Primary)
    Primary Professional Experience 5
    Bachelor of Education (Primary)
    Primary Professional Experience 2
    Master of Teaching (Primary)

    Secondary Semester 2

    EDUC1650 and
    Learning and Development for Educators and
    Learning and Development for Music Educators
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - Dual degrees
    Towards Professional Practice
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - Dual degrees
    Achieving Professional Engagement
    Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - Dual Degrees
    Building Professional Knowledge
    Master of Teaching (Secondary)
    Achieving Professional Engagement
    Master of Teaching (Secondary)

    UQ placement support

    • Your staff and our preservice teachers are supported by a UQ professional experience facilitator.
    • Facilitators are or have been practising educators in Queensland schools who now enjoy the opportunity of sharing their wealth of knowledge.
    • Our preservice teachers are supported by leading researchers in education.  


    Please contact our placements team to request a UQ student for your school or if you have any questions, concerns or feedback:


    Administration Officers (Placements):

    Jennifer Smith by email or phone the office on 3365 6550.

    Sally-Anne Crawford by email or phone the office on 3365 6550.

    Director of Professional Experience:

    Prac Pay Claims: 

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