Listen to a series of Indigenous Education podcasts featuring Dr Marnee Shay, Senior Lecturer
in the School of Education at The University of Queensland.

Wongutha Stories Podcast

This podcast series is hosted by current Wongutha students who yarn with former students of Wongutha about their stories, experiences, and education journeys. The team members of this project are Prof Rhonda Oliver (Curtin University), Dr Marnee Shay (The University of Queensland), Dr Tatiana Bogachenko (Curtin University), Dr Helen McCarthy (Curtin University), and an award winning writer and film maker Boori Monty Pryor.

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Deadly Futures Podcast

The podcast explores different topics about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education with chapter authors; a diverse group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Elders, scholars and educators. The series is hosted by Dr Marnee Shay and Professor Rhonda Oliver who are the editors of a new strengths based text book about Indigenous education published by Routledge 'Indigenous Education in Australia Learning and Teaching for Deadly Futures'.

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