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After graduating from a Science degree, Aaron realised that education was his other great passion.

He completed a postgraduate teaching degree which led him to the far north of the state in Cooktown, where his teaching adventure began.

Music education at UQ

Music education students at The University of Queensland receive unique practical experiences that refine our world view as teachers.

Our lecturers prepare students to teach in a diverse range of professional settings; whether it’s as a classroom music teacher, an instrumental music specialist, or an ensemble director. 


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Why choose UQ Education?

Education has changed in important and unimaginable ways.

The School of Education at UQ is always seeking to create and share knowledge that will shape policies and practices in the both the local and global education communities.


When William Webster thinks about his future, he thinks about the most influential job in the world – teaching.

The children we teach today will be the leaders of communities, businesses, and even countries tomorrow.

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