It is a requirement of your program that you obtain a Blue Card upon commencement of your study and hold a current Blue Card for the duration of enrolment in the program.

If you know what form you need, download it here or collect one from the School of Education office.

The sections below explain the purpose and the application, renewal and linking processes.

About the Blue Card requirement

A Blue Card indicates you have passed the Queensland Government's Working With Children Check. To comply with the State of Queensland's Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000, it is mandatory to have a current Blue Card supplied or linked to the School of Education, on your person to be allowed to work with children and to be allowed into Queensland schools. Failing to have a current card on your person while working with children is a finable offence.

Visit the Queensland Government Blue Card site to check your obligations and rights. Information about the importance of the Blue Card can be found here.

How to apply

  1. Get the relevant form here or from the School of Education office.
  2. Complete all of page 2 of the form except for the signature.
  3. Bring your completed Blue Card form and two pieces of identification to the School of Education, Building 24 (Social Sciences), Room 403.
  4. You must sign the form in front of School Office staff and present your ID (see form for instructions).
  5. We will then co-sign and submit the form to Blue Card services.

It may take up to six weeks for your Blue Card to be issued. You will receive an email with your Blue Card details and the physical card will be sent to the address that you provide on the form.

At that time, Blue Card Services will send a letter to the School of Education notifying us of your card details. We will record your card details for our records.

Please be aware that failure to obtain a Blue Card in a timely manner may result in cancellation of enrolment, delay or postponement of practicums and/or increase the duration of your degree.

Already have a Blue Card

If you have a Blue Card, you can check if your card is still valid.

If the card is current and was not applied for through us, you need to submit a 'Link' form at the office, which can be found here. Follow the steps outlined above in 'How to apply'.

Renewing your Blue Card

Blue Card Services will notify you 16 weeks before your Blue Card expires. Apply for renewal through the School of Education as soon as you are notified. Fnd the correct form here follow the steps in the 'How to Apply' section above to submit your application at the School of Education office.

Unable to come into office

If you are unable to come into the office because you:

  • live more than 50km away, or
  • have a disability affecting your mobility,

You will need to complete the confirmation of identity form in addition to the application form found here. Then scan, attach and email both documents to

Please contact us for further advice if you have a unique circumstance.