Scholarships and Prizes

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Carolyn D Baker Memorial Scholarship

Postgraduate presentation at an international conference

Carolyn D Baker
Carolyn D Baker

Dr Baker moved to the University of New England, Armidale from Canada in 1976. She was appointed as an Associate Professor in the School of Education, The University of Queensland in 1991. An elected member of Academic Board 1997-2001, she was a member of the Standing Committee of Academic Board during that time. She was also our Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies. Dr Baker was an outstanding PhD advisor, supervising 25 candidates to conferral and winning a UniversityTeaching Award for her postgraduate supervision.

Highly respected by all her friends, colleagues and students her legacy lives on through the success and research of her students and through an annual public lecture we host in her name. An initiator of the School's Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, it is fitting that this lecture is held on the evening prior to this conference. Read more ...

Richard Baldauf Memorial Prize

Best paper by a postgraduate research student

Emeritus Professor Richard (Dick) Baldauf was a staff member in the School of Education from 2003 to 2014. He had a most productive career as a researcher, teacher and mentor and was much loved and admired by his students and colleagues.  He maintained a highly engaged role in the School and the University whilst undergoing medical treatment in the later years of his life. The School was enriched by his thoughtful contributions in many different areas, particularly to the PhD program through his membership of numerous PhD panels and his many PhD supervisions. Read more ...

International Experience Bursary

Each year we offer a limited number of $300 bursaries for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students undertaking an approved international study-related experience that will enhance their studies with the School of Education. These bursaries are available to students for travel outside Australia and not in the student’s country of permanent residence.

The bursaries are awarded on the basis of the student’s academic merit and of the value of the proposed exchange or experience as determined by the School of Education’s Engagement Committee.
Applications must be completed on the relevant form and submitted to the Engagement Committee at least eight weeks prior to the intended departure date.
Students intending to undertake an international experience activity that enhances their degree program at UQ are also encouraged to apply for a UQ Advantage Grant (in addition to the School of Education international experience bursary).

Students should note that the School of Education international experience bursaries are not for international student exchange purposes as other financial support schemes are available for this type of study-travel.

Find the application form at the Calendars Forms Handbooks page under Scholarships, Awards, Prizes.

International Fieldwork Grant

For RHDs - please download the form at the link below for more information.

International Fieldwork Grant Application

International Alumni Travel Support Grant

The School of Education offers an annual $2,000 travel support grant for international School of Education alumni seeking to travel to Australia to undertake research or project collaboration with a School of Education academic.

The recipient will be selected by the School’s Engagement Committee based upon merit of the research or project in terms of the likelihood of achieving the desired result and the impact of this result.

Applicants are reminded to ensure they send their application to their collaborating School of Education academic with sufficient time to allow for the academic to sign and return the form within the closing date.

The grant may be used to cover any travel expenses involved with visiting the University of Queensland or Australia within 12 months of award announcement.

Applications must be submitted to by 30th June each year.

Post-Thesis Fellowships

Post-Thesis Fellowships are designed to support RHD students to write up their research findings after they have completed their theses. As well as the obvious good of disseminating research findings, the scheme seeks to support former RHD students as they position themselves for the employment market and to assist academic units in maximising their research outputs and research profile.

Read more and download the form.

Queensland Department of Education and Training scholarships

The Queensland Department of Education and Training offers a number of scholarships for aspiring teachers. Please note that these scholarships are administered by the Department, not by The University of Queensland.

Find further information and contact details at the Department of Education and Training.

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  • UQ Scholarships - UQ's scholarship hub.
  • UQ Advantage Grants - For students currently enrolled in a degree program at The University of Queensland to subsidise UQ students' involvement in activities which will enrich their studies and university experience.
  • UQ Graduate School Scholarships - Scholarship schemes that provide financial support for research candidates.
  • UQ Abroad Student Exchange - Scholarships, grants and loans available to UQ students who wish to go on exchange.