This research area is focused upon a multifaceted conception of issues of social justice and inclusion. A diverse range of foci are explored, relating to gender, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, counselling and children, parent and community education. Scholars work in this area draw upon a variety of conceptual resources including from the domains of psychology, sociology, philosophy and cultural studies.


Research Projects
Down Syndrome Research Program. A/Prof Rhonda Faragher
World Englishes and teachers of English. Dr Obaid Hamid

Quality teaching work and reducing educational inequalities.

Funded by: Australian Research Council Discovery Project

Funding amount: $414,000

Dr Stephen Heimans

Success from the perspective of the successful: Low SES students, success and completion in higher education.

Funded by: Department of Education and Training Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme (HEPPP).

Funding amount: $324,311

A/Prof Carmen Mills

Preparing Aboriginal students in Aboriginal communities for life beyond school.

Funded by: Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant

Role: Chief Investigator

Funding amount: $220,937

Dr Marnee Shay
English as an Additional Language (EAL) students’ on-arrival academic progress and learning pathways.  Dr Susan Creagh
Putting post-humanist and queer theories to work in education.  Dr Christina Gowlett

The Development of a Short Form Quality Audit Tool for Positive Behaviour Support Intervention.

Funded by: HASS Partnership Funding Scheme

Role: Chief Investigator - Prof Karen Nankervis

          Associate Investigator - A/Prof Rhonda Faragher

Funding amount: $46, 428

Prof Karen Nankervis

A/Prof Rhonda Faragher

Interprofessional collaboration between teachers and speech pathologists.

Funded by: Speech Pathology Australia

Funding amount: $24, 952

A/Prof Rhonda Faragher

Building Disability Research Capacity in Zambia.

Funded by: British Academy Global Challenges Research Fund.

Funding amount: $32, 600

A/Prof Rhonda Faragher

Doing things ‘right way’: showcasing excellence in Indigenous education in Queensland secondary schools

Funded by: UQ Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme

Role: Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Marnee Shay

          Chief Investigator - Dr Jodie Miller

          Associate Investigator - Dr Suraiya Abdul Hameed

Funding amount: $20,000

Dr Marnee Shay

Dr Jodie Miller

Dr Suraiya Abdul Hameed

Indigenous Education Excellence in Flexi Schools. 

Funded: Edmund Rice Education Australia

Role: Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Marnee Shay

          Chief Investigator - Dr Jodie Miller

Funding amount: $50,000

Dr Marnee Shay

Dr Jodie Miller

The Digital child. 

Funded: Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence

Role: Associate Investigator

Funding amount: $34.9 million

Dr Marnee Shay

Education Futures: Transversal analysis of education institutional desires. 

Dr Stephen Heimans
Postqualitative experimental writing: Emerging transgressions of sense.  Dr Stephen Heimans
Ranciere, Bernstein and the politics of schooling. Dr Stephen Heimans
Instructional design for pursuing equity in mathematics classrooms Dr Jana Visnovska