Research Interests: Educational leadership; Global citizenship; International education

Researcher biography

I am currently a lecturer in the field of Educational Leadership in the School of Education. I teach in two key leadership courses-Debates in Educational Leadership (EDUC 7100), Building Leadership Capacity-Bridging Theory and Practice in the Workplace (EDUC 7600) as well as Aboriginal & Torres Straits Islander Studies, Specialist Teaching Area (EDUC 6875). Prior to this role, I have been an educator for 29 years and have served in various appointments within the Ministry of Education, Singapore - Department Head of Science, a Science Curriculum Specialist with the Ministry of Education (Singapore) and a school leader of an elementary school before embarking on a PHD programme on an APA scholarship from the Australian government. While in service, I have actively contributed to professional development training for middle managers/school leaders and have also spearheaded networking sessions and training for delegates from international contexts. I continue to do consultancy work with school leaders within SEA context (Singapore & Malaysia) and have embarked on international research in SEA contexts.

My research study focuses on a comparative analysis of global citizenship education (GCE) in two schools, one international school in Singapore and an independent school in Australia and how these two schools have engaged in the process of internationalization of their education through the adoption of international education models utilising the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) and other local curricula to generate hybrid internationally minded education programs. This study was awarded the N.V. Varghese Prize for Comparative Education 2020 (Best thesis award).

My research interest is in exploring complex educational issues- stemming from leadership theories and practice and shifts in cultural practices and racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity to the implications of these shifts for human or social development and education. My Indigenous ethnic roots within SEA contexts (Singapore) has spurred my passion in creating opportunities to transcend global and inclusive perspectives so as to support students from around the world. My current focus is to delve deeper into the area of Leadership, Global Citizenship & Inclusive Education, so as to make that major breakthrough in the development of leaders supporting the schools of the 21st century.