Research Interests: Mathematics education; Teacher professional development; Design research

Researcher biography

I am a senior lecturer in mathematics education at the University of Queensland. My research includes mathematics and statistics education, teacher professional development, and design of resources for teaching mathematics. I investigate how researchers can support mathematics teachers' work so that they, together, cultivate students' need for and interest in mathematical ideas, and organise claqssrooms for a meaningful engagement with mathematics. To this end, I am interested in both classroom instructional practices in which teachers build on student reasoning to provide all students access to significant mathematical ideas, and in the design of environments that support teachers' development of such practices.

I completed a Magister degree in mathematics at Comenius University in Slovakia and a PhD in mathematics education at Vanderbilt University in the USA. I have taught middle-years mathematics for 3 years and lectured in mathematics and mathematics education at Comenius, Vanderbilt, and University of California, Santa Cruz. As part of my research, I spend extended time in schools and classrooms

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