This research area is focused on issues concerning education in relation to the ethical, legal, social and pedagogical implications of education. Research in this domain is informed by a variety of sociological, philosophical, historical and spatial approaches. It also includes research focused upon social, political, economic and environmental sustainability. This also includes work in the field of the nature of scientific inquiry under current social conditions, as well as how various forms of technologies e.g. genomics exert influence in educational settings.


Research Projects
Empowering Older Adult Sustainability Ambassadors to Create Positive Environmental and Health Change. A/Prof Kim Nichols
Gamified Cognitive Control Training for Children and Adolescents with Anxiety and Depression. Dr Elizabeth Edwards

Success from the perspective of the successful: Low SES students, success and completion in higher education.

Funded by: Department of Education and Training Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme (HEPPP).

Funding amount: $324,311

A/Prof Carmen Mills
Writing feminist autoethnography. A/Prof Liz Mackinlay

Motivational Interviewing for Reduction of Youth Bullying.

Dr Elizabeth Edwards
Factors Affecting Youth Decision Making under Stress. Dr Elizabeth Edwards
What’s worrying girls and young women? Sexism and sexual violence in everyday life. A/Prof Liz Mackinlay