This research area includes attention to teacher preparation, professional practice and leadership. It draws upon an array of conceptual foci and interdisciplinary approaches to better understand how professional practice is understood and exercised. It also includes various kinds of internationalisation in relation to content areas, and analyses educational issues across all levels – early childhood, schooling, higher education (VET; University) and adult education more broadly.


Research Projects

Improving student outcomes: Coaching teachers in the power of feedback.

Funded by: Australian Research Council Linkage Project

Funding amount: $546,000

Dr Cameron Brooks

Cosmopolitan Leadership and the role of school leaders in the development of IB (PYP/MYP) programme in Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom.

Funded by: Pending funding; Jeff Thompson Research Grant

Funding amount: $25,000

Dr Suraiya Abdul Hameed

Collective teacher efficacy, teacher well-being and social cohesion – an exploratory study in learning strategies instruction.

Funded by: SoE Collaborative Research project

Funding amount: $5,000

Dr Kate McLay

Enhancing the quality and delivery of WIL opportunities across initial teacher education programs.

Funded by: Embedding Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Programs initiative. 

Role: Lead Chief Investigator - A/Prof Carmen Mills

          Chief Investigator - Dr Katie Cawte

Funding amount: $60,000

A/Prof Carmen Mills

Dr Katie Cawte

Writing of the 2020 Science Teacher Preparation Standards.

Prof Patricia Morrell
Design of resources for mathematics teachers' work and learning Dr Jana Visnovska

What is best for learning with video?

Funded by: SoE Collaborative Research project 

Funding amount: $5,000

Dr Kate McLay

Creation and implementation of strategies for assessing pre-service teachers' impact on student learning.

Funded by: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Teaching and Learning Seed Funding Scheme. 

Funding amount: $5,000

A/Prof Carmen Mills
Formative Assessments Used by Preservice Teachers. Prof Patricia Morrell
Pedagogic Rights: The politics of rights, democracy and education. Dr Stephen Heimans