UQ Course: EDUC4714

  • UQ Program: Bachelor of Education (Primary) - fourth year cohort
  • Duration: 9 weeks, Term 2
  • Description: 6 weeks of supervised teaching at half teaching load followed by a 3-week internship with up to half a teaching load unsupervised. (Any years P  to  6).
  • Dates: 16 April - 15 June
Supporting Documentation and Guidelines for Supervisors and Schools
Evaluation forms:

If your pre-service teacher does a nine week supervised practicum without an internship please complete:


If your pre-service teacher completes an internship please complete :


ContactE: prac@uq.edu.au; F: (07) 3365 7199

Pre-service teacher performance:


Thank you for mentoring this year's cohort of pre-service teachers for The University of Queensland. We appreciate your generous contribution to the next generation of educators.

Pay Claims: 

Please save pay claim forms to file then fill electronically. The forms are set to autocalculate. 

Tax File Declaration
The supervising teacher and coordinator sign and email Pay Claim and TFN Declaration forms to pracpayclaims@uq.edu.au.
All prac pay claim enquiries:  pracpayclaims@uq.edu.au

ContactE: prac@uq.edu.au