Dr Visnovska co-authored with South African Numeracy Chair (SANC) - Mama Khanyi and the pots

7 March 2019

Dr Jana Visnovska is involved in a number of productive collaborations, through which she is developing and refining resources on teaching Fractions as Measures. Over the past 12 years, Dr Visnovska have collaborated with Prof Jose Luis Cortina (Universidad Pedagogica in Mexico), and a number of primary and secondary teachers, trialling and refining the resources in both Queensland and Mexican classrooms.

In 2017, these resources were selected by South African Numeracy Chair (SANC) Project led by Prof Mellony Graven (Rhodes University), successfully trialled in South African classrooms, and subsequently included in the Project’s teacher professional development program for Year 4-­7 teachers. Dr Visnovska and Prof Cortina were invited to run the first of the series of workshops for the SANC teachers this January.

As part of this initiative, SANC Project researchers co-­authored with Dr Visnovska a Mathematical story and activities book titled Mama Khanyi and the pots. The storybook was developed to support second language learners’ participation in the initial classroom activities of Fractions as Measures sequence. It was published early this year and is freely available for download from here.