Secondary teaching

Secondary teaching at UQ

Secondary school teachers are instrumental in shaping young adults into who they will become.  Choose from the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) offered as dual program or the Master of Education (Secondary), where you will learn to guide students’ inquisitive minds, developing high-level academic knowledge and professional skills across teaching and learning, leadership, development, diversity and communication, and gain a broad understanding of the Australian Curriculum, while also specialising in key areas of interest in your second program.

These programs provide you with the opportunity to explore, create and develop new knowledge through practical, school-based learning.

Blue Card required

To do any kind of work with children in Queensland you need a current Blue Card issued by the Queensland Government. To be allowed to go on prac (be placed in a school) therefore, you need a current card issued via or linked to the UQ School of Education. If you are not eligible for a Blue Card or are unwilling to submit to the vetting process you cannot complete the requirements of these programs. Find out more about Blue Cards here.