Secondary teaching

Secondary school teachers are instrumental in shaping young adults into who they will become. 

Choose from the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) or the Master of Teaching (Secondary) and explore, create and develop new knowledge through practical, school-based learning.

You will learn to guide students’ inquisitive minds, developing high-level academic knowledge and professional skills across teaching and learning, leadership, development, diversity and communication. You'll also gain a broad understanding of the Australian Curriculum, while specialising in your areas of interest in your second program.

This is my first university degree

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

I already have a university degree

Master of Teaching (Secondary)


Inspire the next generation. 

In this video William Webster, Education student, shares his experience of UQ's outstanding Bachelor of Education programs.

Dylan Peters
Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

"UQ offers an optimal learning experience for any pre-service teacher. I was able to engage with leaders in their field who took me under their wing. Ultimately, the UQ experience lead to my graduate employment in a Brisbane metropolitan school."
James Harris
Bachelor of Arts/Education (Secondary)

"I wanted to be a teacher was because of the teachers I had in high school. They really helped me flip my life around and were influential in developing my love for English and Drama. I’m now working alongside these teachers helping school kids realise their own potential, which is mindblowing."
Susan Garson
Master of Educational Studies
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

"UQ was my university of choice because of its excellent language programs. I met inspiring lecturers and tutors at UQ, who shared their experiences, their talents and provided engaging tuition. They encouraged students to reach their potential, grounded in both theory and practice."
Sarah Longford
Bachelor of Arts/Education (Secondary)

“Our world-class lecturers provided me with invaluable networking opportunities with leaders in the education sector. Their passion for education has inspired my commitment to lifelong learning as a professional teacher and as a musician." ​
Aiden Nosenzo
Bachelor of Arts/Education (Secondary)

"I specialised in music education that explored the rich and complex discourses of music pedagogy. We prepared for a range of professional settings; a classroom music teacher, an instrumental music specialist and an ensemble director."
Yitong (Coco) Bu
Master of Teaching (Secondary)

“My studies not only helped me gain an in-depth understanding of the context in my teaching areas but also gave me the flexibility to participate in exchange study in the UK and in gaining leadership opportunities.”