Indigenous Education Excellence in Flexi Schools (2019-2023)

Funding source – Edmund Rice Education Australia (commissioned)

Project abstract

Developing an evidenced base for progressing Indigenous education policy and practice that will guide the operation of flexi schools is vital. Flexi schools are schools for young people who have been disenfranchised in education. Indigenous students are overrepresented in this schooling context. This project included all EREA flexi schools across Queensland, a total of twelve schools and communities in urban, regional, and remote settings.

This project aimed to: 

  1. Create a data set on how staff and young people in flexi schools conceptualise and imagine excellence in Indigenous education. 
  2. Aligned with this data, create a series of short professional development videos that provide diverse examples of Indigenous education excellence or aspirations (particularly from Indigenous peoples' perspectives) aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the existing body of research literature on Indigenous education.