Excellence in Indigenous education: Examining educational practices

Funding source – UQ HASS Enabler Grant (2022)

 Project abstract

This HASS enabler funding supported the project team to expand the data collected across sites for the Excellence in Indigenous Education project. The aim of this research was to generate new understandings of excellence in Indigenous education that focused on excellence as defined by Indigenous peoples and establish best educational practices from 12 QLD school sites.

 The specific aims were to:

  1. Develop and document context specific mechanisms for identifying excellence in Indigenous education that both centres the voices and perspectives of Indigenous people.
  2. Investigate and identify the dimensions of excellence in a broad range of Indigenous education practices in school settings, through including the perspectives of Indigenous people, school leaders and educators.
  3. Create innovative evidence-based videos that showcase the conceptualisations of excellence in Indigenous education for schools, communities, and policy makers.