Doing things ‘right way’: showcasing excellence in Indigenous Education in Queensland Secondary Schools (2019-2020)

Funding source – UQ ECR Grant 2019

Project abstract

The project aimed to develop mechanisms for identifying excellence in Indigenous education that centres the voices and perspectives of Indigenous people, which are developed in partnership with Indigenous people, demonstrating positive educational outcomes for Indigenous people. The project investigated the dimensions of excellence in a broad range of Indigenous education practices in secondary schools in Queensland by including the perspectives of Indigenous people, school leaders and educators.

The development of videos showcasing the research was used by various end-users, including Indigenous peoples, educators, and policymakers, providing benefits to a wide audience and having a real-world impact. The impact of this resource allowed Indigenous communities and schools to provide real-life, localized examples of how policy is implemented in practice and to speak back to deficit discourse entrenched in the field of Indigenous education.