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Graduates from our teacher preparation programs are eligible for teacher registration in Queensland and may qualify for employment as school teachers in state and independent schools worldwide. An education degree also opens up a vast range of career opportunities within educational settings, such as head of department, principal, guidance officer, learning support teacher, student advisor and education advisor. These programs provide knowledge and skills sought by employers in business and industry, especially in areas where an understanding of program development and training are required.

Here's a 2017 report from the Queensland College of Teachers that you may find helpful in considering teaching as a career: Why choose teaching? - A matter of choice: Evidence from the field

The response from employers to our graduates is overwhelmingly positive:

We really appreciate the opportunity to work with students from UQ.

I have employed several graduates for next year.

We are only taking UQ students next year.

See where Education @ UQ has taken David Rawson and Isabel Quinn

The rationale for our approach to program entry aligns with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) revised Standards and Procedures (2015), whereby applicants to initial teacher education courses (pre-service teachers) must satisfy both academic and non-academic entry criteria for selection. Our minimum program entry requirements ensure that entrants to our programs demonstrate that they have the academic as well as the non-academic capabilities to develop the skills required to meet the Graduate career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at program completion. The OP/Entry rank nominated by the university has been deliberately selected to ensure that students will be capable of successfully completing the program, including the LANTITE, the GTPA and all Critical Tasks.

Each of these programs requires you to spend varying amounts of time teaching in schools and learning your craft under the guidance of an experienced teacher. This work experience is called ‘practicum’ or ‘prac’. It is extremely difficult to have a job while on prac. Check the specific details of the program you are interested in on the Future Students webpage.

You must be eligible for a Blue Card

To do any kind of work with children in Queensland you need a current Blue Card issued by the Queensland Government. To be allowed to go on prac (be placed in a school) therefore, you need a current card issued via or linked to the UQ School of Education. If you are not eligible for a Blue Card or are unwilling to submit to the vetting process you cannot complete the requirements of these programs. Find out more about Blue Cards here.

Become a Primary Teacher

I do not have a university degree and I would like to teach in primary schools.

Apply via QTAC or online for entry into the Bachelor of Education (Primary).

This is a four year undergraduate degree during which time you will pass 32 courses (64 units). To develop wider expertise in a particular area/discipline you will complete either a minor (4 related courses in one subject area that’s relevant to primary teaching) or electives (4 relevant courses unrelated to one another) along with your education courses in the first three years. The fourth year is referred to as the ‘professional year’ and you will spend 15 weeks on prac.

do have a university degree and I would like to teach in primary schools.

Check that you meet these prerequisites:

  • Hold a completed Bachelor degree from an approved institution in a field other than education with a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 4.5
  • Have at least one year of full time equivalent study in the completed degree relevant to one or more study area/s in the primary school curriculum (see below list)
  • Additionally, applicants from a non-English speaking background are required to have completed an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination with an overall score of 7.5 with minimums of 8.0 in Speaking and Listening and 7.0 in Reading and Writing

If you meet these prerequisites apply via QTAC for entry into the Master of Teaching (Primary).

This is a four semester postgraduate coursework degree that can be completed in 1.5 calendar years. During this time, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for a career in the education sector and will be qualified to teach in all areas of the primary curriculum, including: 

  • Arts (including Drama, Dance, Media, Music and Visual Arts),
  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • History / Geography / Civics,
  • Health and Physical Education, and
  • Technology.

Become a Secondary Teacher

I do not have a university degree and I would like to teach in secondary schools.

Apply via QTAC or online for entry into:

Most dual degrees are four year programs, the exceptions being the 5 year Music (Honours)/Ed program and the BusMgt/Ed program at 4.25 years. Each of these dual degree programs provides students with the knowledge to teach in two areas. Teaching areas include Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese), drama, economics, English, English as a second language, European languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish), geography, history, mathematics, media studies, music, learning support, studies in religion and study of society. The non-education degree undertaken provides the content knowledge for two teaching areas, while the education degree provides the skills and knowledge for the teaching of the content.

do have a university degree and I would like to teach in secondary schools.

Enrol in the two year Master of Teaching (Secondary) program.  For further information on Entry Requirments please refer to the MTeach Minimum Entry Requirments guide found here.

Teaching areas include:






Digital technologies


Earth and environmental sciences




Film, Television and New Media*




Health and Physical Education



Legal Studies*


Mathematics – Advanced*


Choral and Instrumental Music*




*Senior areas: You cannot study two senior areas together.

Become a Health and Physical Education Teacher

I don't have a degree and want to teach physical education, health education.

Apply via QTAC into the Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education (Hons).

Please note that this program is run by the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences. You will graduate with a highly respected honours qualification and qualify with the Queensland College of Teachers as specialist teachers of physical education, health education and junior science.

I do have a degree and want to teach physical education, health education.

Please see our Master of Teaching programs.

Postgraduate Programs Offered