I am delighted to invite you to attend the 2021 Postgraduate Research Community Conference! “Reimagining Possibilities for Educational Research” is an appropriate theme, following on a year of the world reacting to the pandemic and greatly influencing education at all levels. As we continue to grapple with uncertainty, it is important to reflect, embrace change, and continue to move forward with optimism and creativity. I always enjoy the Postgrad Conference as it provides the opportunity to network with colleagues in various stages of their professional lives, share in the dissemination of new information being added to the knowledge base, engage in discussion about findings and new avenues of research exploration, and keep updated about what is happening in the field. This Conference provides the opportunity to strengthen our own understanding and imaginings about educational research.  Whether you plan to attend and/or present, this event can play an important role in the development of your own research and professional skills. Let us all join in reimagining the future!

Professor Patricia Morrell
Head of School
School of Education, The University of Queensland


I am very pleased to endorse and support our HDR candidates in the annual Research and Postgraduate Conference, hosted by The University of Queensland's School of Education. This is an important and significant event in our calendar, and an opportunity for our HDRs to be able to present and showcase their work to colleagues and academic staff within and beyond the School.

The research they present is at the cutting edge of their respective knowledge domains and traditions, and is a vehicle to rethink and reconceptualise some of the most important work occurring in their respective fields. The research you will hear during the conference is rich, engaging and productive of the sorts of knowledges that can truly help to constitute a better world for all with whom they engage. Enjoy.

Associate Professor Ian Hardy 
Director of Research 
School of Education, The University of Queensland