How do teachers learn to enact the Australian Curriculum?

January 2015December 2018
ARC Future Fellowship

How do teachers learn to enact the Australian Curriculum? A question of policy in practice

The new 'Australian Curriculum' has been portrayed as essential for cultivating an innovative, economically responsive and socially responsible nation. However, the curriculum itself is little more than a blue-print, a set of guidelines for an imagined future. This project aims to show how teachers learn to engage with the new curriculum in the context of increasingly standardised national and international educational reforms; this is significant for determining whether and how the hopes and resources invested in the Australian Curriculum actually result in projected benefits. The proposal will reveal how policy support for the new curriculum influences teacher learning in diverse schooling settings in a broadly neoliberal, global context.

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Project members

Associate Professor Ian Hardy

Associate Professor & Secondary Program Director (Acting)
School of Education