Charlotte is passionate about primary teaching, science education, technology education, and preparing pre-service teachers to become competent and confident teachers of science and technology. She has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and a Graduate Bachelor of Education (Primary). She was a primary school teacher with Education Queensland for 6 years, teaching in remote, regional, and city locations. Currently, She is a PhD Candidate and Course Coordinator in the School of Education (UQ).

Her research looks specifically at the claim made in many curriculum documents around the world that “learning science helps people to make good decisions.”

She coordinates three courses:

Charlotte also contributes to other courses and events in the School of Education.

Conference papers

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Pezaro, C., Wright, T., & Gillies, R. (2014). Pre-service primary teachers' argumentation in socioscientific issues. Frontiers in Mathematics and Science Education Research, Famagusta, May 2014.

Blog posts (professional associations and publishers)

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