UQ Course: EDUC7540

UQ ProgramMaster of Teaching (Primary) | FINAL Year / FINAL PEx
Duration30 days - 6 week block 
Dates5 Aug - 13 Sept

Teaching Load Requirements:
  • 2 days of observation and settling into school environment and context, as well as planning and consulting with Supervising Teacher(s) for future teaching
  • Segments of lessons half way through Week 1
  • Full lessons to start at end of Week 1
  • Sequences of lessons to commence in Week 2 until end of placement
  • Students should be teaching 50% of a full-time teaching load by end of Week 2
  • Students are to have opportunities to teach in their area of specialisation (Mathematics and Numeracy OR English and Literacy).
  • Pre-Service teacher observations continue throughout placement
  • Students are to collect data throughout the Professional Experience and teach in their area of specialisation to meet the requirements of the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA)
  • Due to GTPA component, the student must have the opportunity to plan, teach and assess a four-week topic/unit (at least) with the same group of students.

PEx Reports:

EDUC7540 Final Professional Experience Recommendations Report * Supervising Teachers are to provide a comment on the overall comment section of the Final Professional Experience Recommendations Report about the students' ability to teach effectively in their area of specialisation (Maths and Numeracy, or English and Literacy). 


PEx Pay Claims: 

Please click here for all Supervising Teacher and School Coordinator PEx Pay Claim forms.

Supporting Documentation and Guidelines for Supervising Teachers and School Coordinators

Pre-Service Teacher performance: