UQ Course: EDUC4750

UQ ProgramBachelor of Education (Primary) | FINAL Year / FINAL PEx
Duration35 days - 7 week block
Dates29 July - 13 Sept

Teaching Load Requirements:
  • 2 days of observation and settling into school environment and context, as well as planning and consulting with Supervising Teacher(s) for future teaching
  • Segments of lessons half way through Week 1
  • Full lessons to start at end of Week 1
  • Sequences of lessons to commence in Week 2 until end of placement
  • Students should be teaching 50% of a full-time teaching load by end of Week 2
  • Preservice teacher observations continue throughout placement
  • Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA): During this final placement, pre-service teachers will undertake the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA). The Teacher Performance Assessment is a mandatory external task that all final semester Education students within Australia must undertake in order to be able to graduate. Pre-service teachers do not need to undertake their GTPA data collection in their area of specialisation, but it is recommended that pre-service teachers choose a curriculum area which has multiple teaching opportunities per week. Many students choose either Mathematics or English to give them increased teaching time within the four week period. 

Please see below the requirements for the GTPA:

  1. A minimum of a sustained four week unit of work with the opportunity to conduct an assessment at the end of the unit. If the summative assessment does not take place during Term 3, pre-service teachers can create a formative assessment to use with students at the conclusion of their teaching of the unit. During this four week period, there must be some opportunity for teaching to take place (this could be explicit teaching of new content, revision, helping students draft an assignment etc).
  2. Pre-service teachers do not need to teach the full unit or even the beginning of the unit. They can begin their GTPA unit within the first two weeks of their placement.
  3. Pre-service teachers will need to collect some initial data for planning. Some examples of this data may include: NAPLAN data, previous summative assessment results, previous work samples, pre-test (this can be designed by the pre-service teacher), attendance data, behavioural data, discussions with supervising teacher and other relevant staff, observations etc. Please note that all data used within the GTPA is de-identified so that the school and students are not identifiable. We also understand that not all schools are comfortable sharing some of this data. We can work with the pre-service teacher to select data types that the school is comfortable with the pre-service teacher using and will also allow the pre-service teacher to collect the data they need to successfully complete their assignment.
  4. The pre-service teacher will select three focus students (these students are not aware of this) to discuss in the GTPA.
  5. Continuous data collection will take place during the teaching and assessing cycle (formative and summative assessment).
  6. The pre-service teacher will need to include a copy of the three focus students’ summative work samples (in their entirety)  in their GTPA submission. These work samples will be de-identified.
  7. Moderation of the three focus students’ summative work samples will take place between the pre-service teacher and the supervising teacher.     

PEx Reports

IMPORTANT: Schools are required to give the fully signed reports to the Pre-Service Teacher. Schools do not have to return the report to UQ (or Facilitator), it is the Pre-Service Teacher responsibilty to upload their report to their UQ BlackBoard site. 

PEx Pay Claims: 

Please click here for all Supervising Teacher and School Coordinator PEx Pay Claim forms.

Supporting Documentation and Guidelines for Supervising Teachers and School Coordinators

Pre-Service Teacher performance: