Prac Requirements

Blocked Enrolment

You will notice enrolment in all professional experience (prac) courses is blocked. Everyone will be notified by email when permission to enrol is cleared.

About our checks

Permission to enrol in your professional experience course will only be granted once a manual check that you meet all requirements isnot an automated process.

Our Prac Officers need to check you meet all requirements:

  • Current Blue Card - you can't work with children without it. You can’t go on prac without it.
  • Academic progress - Your grades for the preceding semester must meet requirements. You must have successfully completed the prerequisite courses for your professional experience course.

Clearing the path to enrolment

A. Get a Blue Card linked to us 

  • You must have a current Blue Card either applied for through us or linked to us. You are only clear to enrol in prac courses once the School of Education recieves confirmation of your Blue Card status.
  • You cannot go on prac with a card you have through another organisation without getting it linked to us.

Find out how to get your Blue Card through us.

B. Register your intention to enrol for each course

You will be notified via your UQ email address that registration is open.  The email will provide you with a link to the registration form.  

C. Complete the course prerequisites for your prac course

Check your course at Courses and Programs. For example the course prerequisites for EDUC1715 are #6 EDUC from Year 1, Sem 1.

D. Keep your details up to date with us

Always inform the school via when you change address. Your address is one of the factors in play when placing you for prac.

Please note, this is not an automatic process. You will receive an email when you are permitted to enrol.