Hop into a rural placement: Prac outside the city

The majority of permanent teaching vacancies each year are in the Darling Downs South West, Central Queensland, North Queensland and Far North Queensland regions. - QLD Department of Education and Training

Get a jumpstart where the jobs are. Contact the Placement Team to let us know you'd like a rural placement. 

These schools have mentored a UQ student previously and/or have indicated they would like to. (Data is from most recent annual reports. Staff numbers are headcount of all staff not adjusted for fractional appointments.)

Biloela SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments : 311 Staff: 49.

Cooktown SHS - Years P-12. Student enrolments: 365. Staff: 76.

Charleville SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 261. Staff: 49.

Yeppoon SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 1006. Staff: 128.

Dalby SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 1008. Staff: 168.

Innisfail State College - Years early childhood-12. Student enrolments: 852. Staff: 145.

Tully SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 621. Staff: 85.


Over half of all state schools in Queensland are in rural and remote locations, with approximately one-quarter of state school students enrolled in these schools. 

The Queenlsand Department of Education and Training offers preservice teachers the Beyond the Range - Professional Experience Grants which offer up to $2000 to support preservice teachers to undertake a professional experience in a rural or remote Queensland state school.  

For more information and to apply go HERE

This is the 2016 Fact Sheet. The Department says 2017 details will be up in January 2017.