Hop into a rural placement: Prac outside the city

The majority of permanent teaching vacancies each year are in the Darling Downs South West, Central Queensland, North Queensland and Far North Queensland regions. - QLD Department of Education and Training Region Maps

Check out the Department's Teach Queensland Style page and what it's like being a new teacher in a rural school.

Get a jumpstart where the jobs are. Contact the Placement Team to let us know you'd like a rural placement. 

These schools have mentored a UQ student previously and/or have indicated they would like to. (Data is from most recent annual reports. Staff numbers are headcount of all staff not adjusted for fractional appointments.)

Biloela SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments : 311 Staff: 49.

Cooktown SHS - Years P-12. Student enrolments: 365. Staff: 76.

Charleville SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 261. Staff: 49.

Yeppoon SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 1006. Staff: 128.

Dalby SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 1008. Staff: 168.

Innisfail State College - Years early childhood-12. Student enrolments: 852. Staff: 145.

Tully SHS - Years 7-12. Student enrolments: 621. Staff: 85.


Over half of all state schools in Queensland are in rural and remote locations, with approximately one-quarter of state school students enrolled in these schools. 

The Queenlsand Department of Education and Training offers preservice teachers the Beyond the Range - Professional Experience Grants which offer up to $5000 to support preservice teachers to undertake a professional experience in a rural or remote Queensland state school.  

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Achievement: level of academic achievement and effective classroom practice in previous placements
  • Ability: ability to become an active member of a school and local community in a rural or remote location
  • Commitment: suitability and commitment to teaching in Queensland state schools.

For more information and to apply go HERE