Family Resources

Having your child learning remotely from home will require new ways of learning for your child, and new ways of working for your child’s teachers. In the tabs below you will find some resources to help you and your family support your child’s learning, independence, and wellbeing during this time.

Learning remotely can be challenging for many students (and their families!), with students maybe finding it difficult to stay on task, stay motivated, and know how to address any learning challenges. Students may also miss the social connection with their friends and classmates. A set of 10 ‘Learning Well…Together’ Strategies have been developed for students that can help them to address some of these concerns by being more regulated in their learning, working in a supported way on identified tasks online with friends or classmates. Each of these strategies are based on evidence about effective learning techniques. The resources contained here for families provide some background to these 10 Strategies and also some tips for families on how to support their children.

  Background information: Regulating learning online - This overview will provide you with a little bit of background to the strategies and some of the evidence that has been used to develop the 10 strategies for students.

 Supporting online colloboration and regulation - This resource provides some evidence-based strategies for parents and families to use to support their children when they are learning remotely and online with their friends and classmates.

 Overview of strategies to promote connection and learning regulation (1-3) - This resource lists and briefly describes the first 3 strategies for students.

 Overview of strategies to promote connection and learning regulations (4-7) - This resource lists and briefly describes the strategies 4-7 for students.

 Overview of strategies to promote connection and learning regulations (8-10) - This resource lists and briefly describes the last 3 strategies for students.

This set of tips are on topics that students always ask lots of questions about! They provide you with some ideas on how to support your child to make their learning more effective and efficient.

 Improving attention - It is easy to get distracted when learning or studying, particularly when your child is learning from home. Here are some tips that might help.

Here are some tips to help promote wellbeing in your child, family and yourself whilst they are learning from home.

 KoolKIDS - Overview of tips for supporting the wellbeing of your child when learning remotely - This set of tips is adapted from the successful evidence-based social-emotional program, KoolKIDS. This resource provides an overview of key ideas.

 KoolKIDS -  Tips to keep it simple - These tips will help your child to feel in control during a time of uncertainty.

 KoolKIDS - Promoting accommodation at home - These tips will help develop a family routine that will accommodate the needs of all the family.

 KoolKIDS - Describe what you like - These tips explore ways to identify strengths and acknowledge effort in your children.

 KoolKIDS - Setting clear boundaries - These tips will help to set boundaries and provide structure in a time of uncertainty.