UQ Course: EDUC3605

UQ ProgramBachelor of Education (Secondary | Dual Degree | 3rd Year / 4th PEx
Duration15 days total = 5 single days (Friday) + 10 day block

Single days (Friday): 6 Sept, 13 Sept 

2 week break (school holidays) then...

Single days (Friday): 4 Oct, 11 Oct, 18 Oct

4 week break (UQ exam period) then...

10 days - 2 week block: 18 Nov - 29 Nov

Dates if Regional, Rural, Remote PEx
or block PEx if no exams (opt-in only)
4 Nov - 22 Nov (15 days - 3 week block)

Teaching Load Requirements:
  • The first 2 to 3 single days to be observation (hands-on observation and assisting Supervising Teacher and classroom students) 
  • The remaining single days students can start teaching segments of lessons (e.g. 10 mins or 15 mins, half a lesson, or even a full lesson – this might be the start of the lesson, the conclusion, a lesson quiz, discussion, group activity, explaining a concept, etc)
  • The 10 day block continues with the hands-on observations and teaching segments of lessons moving to full lessons by the end of the block
  • There needs to be a minimum 3 to 5 separate teaching opportunities during the placement

PEx Report: 

IMPORTANT: Schools are required to give the fully signed reports to the Pre-Service Teacher. Schools do not have to return the report to UQ (or Facilitator), it is the Pre-Service Teacher responsibilty to upload their report to their UQ BlackBoard site.

PEx Pay Claims: 

Please click here for all Supervising Teacher and School Coordinator PEx Pay Claim forms.

Supporting Documentation and Guidelines for Supervising Teachers & School Coordinators

Pre-Service teacher performance: