Educational Studies: Prac Requirement

18 Jul 2018

This information is relevant to students who wish to enrol in the following practicum courses.

  • EDUC7011 (Sem 1) Practicum in Guidance and Counselling
  • EDUC7012 (Sem 2) Practicum in Guidance and Counselling
  • EDUC7220 (Sem 2) Supporting Teachers and their Students with Learning Difficulties - Practicum

As these courses contain a practicum component in schools or organisations that provide child-related services, they have been permission listed (locked to enrolment) until Practicum OH&S Risk Assessment and Blue Card status checks can be completed.


To obtain permission to enrol in these courses: 

1. Check your Blue Card status -

  • If you are a registered teacher you must have a exemption card.

  • If you are NOT a registered teacher you must have a current Blue Card applied for through or linked by the School of Education.

  • Blue card/Exemption card applications must be countersigned by the School of Education administration staff.

Instructions to apply for a Blue card or Exemption card can be found here.

2. Complete the Risk Assessment Task

Instructions to complete the Risk assessment task can be found here.

3. Check your academic progression requirement and pre-requisite of the prac course eg. EDUC7011 requires completion or concurrent enrol in EDUC7008. 

4. Request permission to enrol in the practicum course before the semester due date to enrol by emailing to with the course code, mode of study (External or Internal mode) and your student number in the subject line.

5. Wait for email notification of the outcome of your request.

6. If accepted, log-in to mySI-net and add the course to your enrolment as soon as you receive the email.

7. Contact the course coordinator with the information of your proposed placement for approval.