Dr Nichols working for positive global change

2 Nov 2016

Dr Kim Nichols is part of an impressive team that has just been successful with an application for a two year project Empowering Older Adult Sustainability Ambassadors to Create Positive Environmental and Health Change funded by the Global Change Institute.

The Team

Professor Nancy Pachana and Professor Catherine Haslam from the UQ School of Psychology, Associate Professor Tim Kastelle from the UQ School of Business, Mr. Brian Keane, President of SmartPower, Washington, DC, and Professor Mick Smyer from Psychology, Bucknell University.

The Project
Older adults are an influential group to support changing behaviours around sustainability. This collaborative study involving leading academics in psychology, community engagement and science, technology, engineering and mathematics education will educate older adults to enable them to be sustainability ambassadors that have the potential to foster change around sustainability behaviours. This can be achieved through carefully aimed community accessible education toolkits. Older adult groups that will be involved include U3A, retirement communities and neighbourhood watch groups.