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8 May 2017

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Last Name First Name Program Project Title
Abdul Hameed Suraiya PhD Narratives of multiculturalism in Singapore and Australia: A comparative study of multiculturalism and multicultural education in elementary schools.
Adhikary Rino Wiseman PhD Governance of non formal primary education in Bangladesh: learning from the emerging changes and newer practices of BRAC Government collaboration
Al Nadabi Zakiya Salim Hamed PhD A validation framework for technology-enhanced language testing
Alwaleedi Mohammed Ali PhD The impact of collaborative writing on the writing fluency of ASL learners
Andriani Dewi PhD Transition process experienced by Asian international students at an Australian university
Ashford Theresa PhD Ethic, education and technology: investigating the confluence of technology an digital literacy, ethics and educational practice in grade nine classrooms
Barnett Belinda PhD An investigation of the influence of career support on decision-making, goal-directed behaviour and emotional wellbeing during the perinatal period
Barry Clayton PhD Hope is critical: an inquiry into the place of critical pedagogy in Australia and its potential to engender in students hope for the future
Beaumont Glenn PhD Adolescent Students' Creation of Knowledge through Curiosity: Bringing the Curious Mind into Science Education
Bekavac Kathryn PhD The impact of student wellbeing, school engagement and school context characteristics on academic achievement: what are the relationships and what makes a difference over time?
Bourgeois Amanda PhD The influence of teacher-student relationships on risk taking behaviour
Burrows Judith PhD Developing the performance of accredited pharmacists in the Home Medicines Review (HMR) setting in Australia.
Campbell Sally PhD How mainstream schools can provide alternative education programs for youth at risk of disengaging
Chang Feng-Ru (Elisa) PhD

How do non-native speakers English teachers' shortcomings and strengths interact with university students' attitudes and expectations toward non-native speakers English teachers in Taiwan from the perspective of identity?

Clutterbuck Jennifer PhD To change or not to change, is not the question: how can sustainable change be achieved in rural and remote educational settings
Colbow Gudrun MPhil Amyla - Investigating students' ability to understand chemical concepts in medium sized organic molecules through visualisation models
Coleman Lee PhD Supporting teenage mothers to engage in meaningful literacy programmes that will enhance not only their educational outcomes but also their ability to engage fully in the communities in which they live
Coogan Grantley PhD Performance pay for teachers: Is a good teacher measurable?
Dai Kun PhD The role of culture in determining Chinese students' experience of online (e-learning) learning environments and approaches
de Oliveira Wendhausen Ramos Fabiane PhD Assessment practices and curriculum design in mainstream schools in Queensland: how inclusive are they for refugee students
Eggins Narelle PhD Lifelong career pathway implications of initial occupational choices: the relationship between age and successful career directional change
Foley Peter PhD Approximating first language acquisition: using an extensive silent period and extensive incomprehensible input as a foreign language learning technique
Freihofner Ursula PhD Sense-making and learning in the 21st century: Science student voices on learning through a second language
Fromyhr Judith PhD An investigation of influences on the development of expertise in music performance
Fynes-Clinton Elizabeth PhD Promoting deep reflective practices within the learning environment and beyond through rigorous engagement in open collaborative inquiry and explicit teaching of critical and creative thinking tools
Garvey Raelene PhD Education and training reforms for the future, 1996-2006: policy ideas, networks and interventions
Hajar Siti PhD English a a foreign language teachers professional learning at senior high schools: A case study in the Eastern Flores of Indonesia
Heffernan Amanda PhD Principals' conceptualisation of their roles during a period of rapid reform
Hoang Thi Huyen Ngoc PhD Language Testing As Experience
Hong Min PhD Practice, mode and dynamic: a comparative study of internationalization policy in Australia and China
Iizuka Cristina PhD Reaching out for people in need: Promotion of emaotional resilience in the 21st Century
Jennings Michael PhD Issues in bridging between senior secondary and first year university mathematics
Joesoef Budinah PhD Higher education entrepreneurship: Exploring the roles of university, government, industry and the potential role of research commercialisation office in the transition towards their integration and hybridization.
Khong Thi Diem Hang PhD Teachers' responses to new classroom practices: The case of dialogical pedagogy in an Asian context
Lee Myra  Choong  Yi PhD Understanding international career transition experiences to develop a career support framework for first generation migrant Chinese Research Higher Degree students in Australia: Using an indigenised Chinese research methodology
Lewis Julie PhD Communication disorders and students with school refusal behaviour
Li Yu-Chih PhD A comparative study of the origins and development of international education policies
Liu Jing PhD

Reflection of the teacher professional community in terms of teachers' instruction design to a school program: from response to intervention (RTI) model

Luangxay Lamphoune PhD Literacy and poverty reduction in Lao PDR: Perspectives of adult literacy learners
MacMahon Stephanie PhD The teaching brain in action: the role of mirror neurons in optimizing the teaching and learning process
Macqueen Suzanne PhD The development of teacher attitudes towards achievement grouping
Mahmud Siti Nur Diyana PhD Incorporating education for sustainability into outdoor education
Mamun Md Abdullah Al PhD Design and development of an effective ICT enhanced problem-based learning approach.
Marley Charles PhD An investigation of clinical decision making and processes in the diagnosis and treatment of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Martin Valerie PhD Policy enactment at system and school levels: An analysis of the impact of policy on teacher learning
McDowall Ailie PhD The satisfaction of basic pyschological needs as a determinant of success in indigenous schooling: an applicaton of self-determination theory
McGregor Darren PhD Inquiry based learning and its impact on students' beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics
McKeown Christine PhD A phenomenal profession: learning teaching while teaching learning
Motswagosele Dineo PhD An evaluation of student support services at the University of Botswana: an opportunity for mainstreaming distance education
Nguyen Lan Chi PhD A narrative inquiry of Vietnamese English teachers' perceptions regarding their professional development experiences
Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao PhD Storytelling in children learning English in the socio-cultural context of Vietnam
Nguyen Van PhD Exploring english language education in teritary institutions: Policies and realities in contemporary Vietnam
Niu Xidong PhD The relationship between teachers' motivation and students' motivation and achievement in English as a foreign language - A study of English as a foreign language teachers and their Chinese English learners
O'Brien Zachariah PhD  The influence of siblings on the theory of mind and social communicative behaviour of children with autism. 
Olave Karen PhD To investigate the integration of migrant children, having English as a second language into the academic mainstream of the Middle School.
Parveen Reshma PhD Educational change: Inhibiting and facilitating factors
Pezaro Charlotte PhD Assisting primary teachers to self-assess their effectiveness teaching science
Phan Thi Thanh Huyen PhD Teachers beliefs and practices about learner autonomy in tertiary L2 classrooms in Vietnam
Phillips Lowana PhD A fine-arts approach to academic English literacy
Rennie Sandra PhD How do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students create and manage the social and cultural capital necessary to transition into and through university
Sawyer Fiona PhD Technology in the LOTE classroom for vocabulary acquisition.
Sheppard Karen PhD The envisaging of policy performance "for good"...

The provate face of performance measure and what it looks like to the "players", the alternate ways that policy performance is played out away from the glare of the media and the public spotlight. What "good" can come of these processes and policies?
Sinton Emilia PhD Vocabulary-centred teaching approaches designed to enhance student understanding and success in mathematical problem solving
Smith Neville PhD International RHD students making sense of their lived transition experiences: An interpretative phenomenological analysis approach
Sperotto Lauren PhD Education and social stratum: An analysis of the educational outliers within different social classes to understand the cause for varying educational approaches 
Swendson Carol PhD Behind our backs, yet through our heads: Capitalism and the transfer of nurse education in Queensland (1967 - 1987)
Taptamat Nantana PhD factors influencing classroom discourse in science class
Tatum Elizabeth PhD Teacher-teacher aide teaming:  Investigating collaboration using cogenerative dialoguing
Thacker Cheryl PhD Dual sector universities - are they the university model of the future?
Torepe Toni PhD Cultural taxation: A workplace myth or cultural reality
Valente Ramos Marcelo PhD Learning in and out doors: the experiential education (EE) praxis for a sustainable education in Australian graduate courses 
Wong Wai Yee PhD Effectiveness of comparative feedback in influencing teacher judgement  on exam-marking.  A case study in medical education


(this list is in progress)

School of Education theses on e-space.


Last Name First Name Program Thesis Title
Abdullah Nor Zaiham PhD (awarded March 1st 2016) An investigation on students’ educational and occupational aspirations in Brunei Darussalam: Teaching and counselling implications.
Al Hamdan Bandar PhD (awarded June 23 2014) A discursive lens on English Language Learning and Teaching in Saudi Arabia
Al'abri Khalaf Marhoun Khalaf PhD (awarded January 15 2016) Higher education policy architecture and policy-making in the Sultanate of Oman: towards a critical understanding
Al-Shehri Saleh PhD (awarded November 9 2012) Contextual language learning: The educational potential of mobile technologies and social media
Alauddin Mohammad PhD (awarded January 22 2012) What they think, what they expect, and what they practise: A multivariate analysis of students' perceptions about teaching and learning in higher education
Alghamdy Rashed PhD (awarded June 5, 2015) Cooperative Learning (CL) in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) context: Investigating, learning outcomes, processes, and experiences
Almuntasheri Saeed PhD (awarded December 2015) The teachers’ questioning in support of students’ inquiry-learning: Investigating the ESRU framework
Alvi Effat PhD (awarded September 14 2012) An exploratory investigation of how teachers foster self-regulated learning (SRL) among primary school students
Awang Faridah PhD awarded November 30 2014) `Moving up, but not moving out' : A policy ecology of the Excellent Teacher Program/Scheme in Malaysia
Baroutsis Aspa PhD (awarded March 17 2014) Troubling news: Challenging politics, perceptions and practices of newspaper constructions of teachers
Bennison Anne PhD (awarded July 21 2016) Teacher identity as an embedder-of-numeracy: identifying factors that influence how teachers promote numeracy learning through subjects across the curriculum
Bishop Kaylene

PhD (awarded April 10, 2015)

Exploring the Gendered Hearts, Minds and Work of Literacy Leadership Through Queensland's Literate Futures Reform

Winner : Grassie & Bassett Prize in Educational Administration 

Borges Ana MPhil (awarded June 2015) Gender and multiculturalism at school: the NESB girls’ voices
Bower Julie PhD (awarded July 29 2011) The development and validation of the Contextualised Assessment Tool for Risk and Protection Management (CAT-RPM)
Bright David PhD (awarded September 14, 2015)

Becoming-teacher: A partial and experimental account of Western native English-speaking teachers in Vietnamese international schools.

Winner : N. V. Varghese Prize for Comparative Education; Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Theses

Brooks Cameron David PhD (awarded September 9, 2016) Feedback for learning: A mixed methods study in the upper primary classroom.
Calder Anne PhD (awarded October 3 2012) The influence of parental power on the development of shame in young children
Cawte Katie PhD (awarded June 9, 2016) Retaining and maintaining the mid-career teacher: An exploration into the retention, development and career progression of mid-career teachers
Cook James PhD (awarded June 23 2014) Senior adult learners at University: Age is just a number
Cretchley Patricia PhD (awarded November 9 2012) Students engaging with professional mathematical software: A study of first-year university mathematics learning with Matlab
Cronin Rebecca PhD (awarded January 22 2012) Teaching mathematics to early learners in a rural Aboriginal community school: Two case studies
Davies Kim PhD (awarded on 10 March 2016) The life and times of ‘Aspergers Syndrome’: A Bakhtinian analysis of discourses and identities in sociocultural context.
Dean Barry MPhil (awarded May 28 2015) How does the use of the Tablet PC contribute to teaching and learning goals in the secondary classroom?
Du Plessis Anna PhD (awarded May 23 2014) Understanding the out-of-field teaching experience
Effeney Gerard PhD (awarded August 28 2011) The development of executive function and self-regulated learning in adolescent males.
Erhabor Michael PhD (awarded June 20 2016) Stories from the Field: Exploring Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers’ Dispositions to and Perceptions of Socially Just Practices in Nigeria
Faoagali Susan PhD (awarded October 3 2012) Action research used for teacher professional learning in Samoa: A journey of dilemmas, learning and prospects.
Fan Xinxin PhD (awarded November 6 2015) Effectiveness of an Inquiry-based Learning using Interactive Simulations for Enhancing Students` Conceptual Understanding in Physics
Ferrada Martinez Claudia Melody PhD (awarded June 1, 2016) Coperative learning and student engagement: A collective case study in six high school classrooms
Fry Kym PhD (awarded May 6, 2016) Measuring messy mathematics: Assessment of learning in a mathematical inquiry context
Gable Alison PhD (awarded February 17 2012) Disability and challenging behaviour: An exploration of social relations in a school environment through critical realism
Garcia Salinas Jaime PhD (awarded on January 30, 2017) Pre-service teachers' perceptions of cooperative learning in a face-to-face and 3D virtual environment: An exploratory study
Garvey Daniel MPhil (awarded April 24 2014) A study of the factors affecting the decision-making process of prospective Chinese international students
Gatfield Olivia PhD (awarded April 26, 2016) A conceptual model of quality service provision for people with intellectual disability and challenging behaviours: Enhancement and enrichment through service user and other stakeholder consultation
Gowlett Christina PhD (awarded March 16 2012) SUBJECTification: An examination of senior subject selection at a 'disadvantaged' secondary school
Haji Mohamad Noor Nadiah PhD Second language reading comprehension strategies in Brunei Darussalam's primary schools
Head Sabina MPhil (awarded June 30 2011) Forward theatre: Future studies in drama
Hedemann Maree PhD (awarded June 19 2014) Backward mapping: A case study of pedagogical and assessment practices to support equitable and sustainable improvement
Ho  Thi Thu PhD (awarded Leading-for-teacher-learning in Vietnam: A sociological analysis
Hogan Anna PhD (awarded April 24 2015) The role of edu-business in new global education policy networks
Howell Angelique PhD (awarded March 29, 2016) Exploring children's experiences of NAPLAN: Beyond the cacophony of adult debate
Hudson Catherine PhD (awarded October 26 2012) Teachers write theory: The case of the NLLIA ESL Bandscales
Iselin Darren PhD (awarded April 1 2011) How principals are cultivating sustainable school cultures within christian schools during changing times
Jayawardena Kapugekiyanage Prabha Ransi PhD (awarded November 5 2015) Sri Lankan senior secondary school teachers’ practices that foster students’ science achievement: Towards developing self-regulated learning
PhD (awarded April 1 2011) 
Male ex-inmates living crime-free: A phenomenological study.
Jimma Tefera PhD (awarded November 17 2014) Improving quality in higher education through cooperative learning pedagogies: An Ethiopian example
Kanasa Harold PhD (awarded May 23 2014) An instructional model to guide inquiry curriculum design and the development of the domains of scientific literacy around biotechnology
Kirby Peter PhD (awarded August 8 2014) Reputational orientations, masculinity and student motivation of adolescent males in an all boys' school context
Kusnawati Anik PhD (awarded June 5 2015) Needs analysis: Stakeholders' perspectives and practices, and collaboration between English and accounting lecturers
Le Nhan Thanh PhD (awarded September 28 2015) The contexts of assessment in EFL classrooms in two high schools in Vietnam
Lee Myra Choong Yi PhD (awarded May 28, 2017) Journeying to the West:  Understanding international career transitions to develop career support for international Chinese doctoral research students in Australia
Lewis Steven PhD (awarded May 12, 2016)

Understanding new spaces and relations of global governance in education: The OECD’s PISA for Schools

Liu Jianwei PhD (awarded October 3 2014)

Parental influence on children's career development in middle childhood in mainland China: Perspectives of parents and children

Loch Sarah PhD (awarded July 10 2014) Unfolding becoming: An invitation into the future imaginings of middle school girls, interlaced with my own journey to researcher
Majd Nazy PhD (awarded March 27 2017) Investigating the Effectiveness of Involvement Load in Acquisition and Retention of ESL Learners' Collocational Knowledge
Majd Yahya PhD (awarded June 26 2015) Through the lens of Activity Theory: understanding intercultural competence from the Persian-speaking business managers' perspectives in Australia
Mann Glenys PhD (awarded March 16 2017) An exploration of parental decisions to transfer children from regular to special schools
Matthews Kelly PhD (awarded October 30 2014) Students' perspectives on quantitative skills in an undergraduate science curriculum: A mixed methods study of the experienced curriculum
McGregor Darren PhD (awarded 10 June 2016) Exploring the impact of inquiry-based learning on students’ beliefs and attitudes in mathematics
McLay     Katherine  PhD (awarded on March 24 2016)  iKnow, iAm, iPad: A reflexive microethnographic investigation of iPad-using high school students
Mena Ruiz-Tagle Javiera PhD (awarded November 30 2014) Beliefs of early-childhood teachers towards cooperative learning in the Chilean contex
Mohamed Mimi PhD (awarded October 9 2015) Managing the complexities of English language teaching in engineering
Mohd Roslan Roslinawati PhD (awarded May 23 2014) Primary teachers' talk in the Bruneian context: representational fluency and consequences for science classrooms
Montes Catherine PhD (awarded October 30 2014) Navigating language shock: Chinese students managing English academic writing in Australian Higher Education
Nguyen Hong Chi PhD (awarded November 6 2015) Transnational mobilities of Australia-educated and domiciled professional migrants from Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang PhD (awarded February 5th 2016) Maintaining in transforming: Bilingual identity of ethnic minority students in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
Nguyen Thu Huong PhD English-medium instruction in higher education: A case study on local agency in a Vietnamese university
Ozaki Shigeru PhD (awarded November 9 2012 Content and perceived washback of Japanese university English entrance examinations in terms of international understanding
Peacock David PhD (awarded August 22 2014) Practising equity: The activation and appropriation of student equity policy in Queensland higher education
Perkins Margaret PhD (awarded February 13 2015) Risk, offending behaviour and young people in the Cook Islands: A study of cultural resilience
Pham Thi Hong Thanh PhD (awarded March 21 2011) Designing a culturally-relevant pedagogy for Confucian heritage culture (CHC) college students: The case of cooperative learning in Vietnam
Phommalangsy Phouvanh PhD (awarded April 24 2014) An analysis of the influence of foreign aid on education policy in Laos.
Pitkin Sally PhD (awarded November 9 2012) The complexities and tensions of school governance: A case study of the governing body of an independent school
Riany Julina PhD Parenting style and parent-child relationships of Indonesian parents of children with and without autism spectrum disorders
Riddle Stewart PhD (awarded November 27 2012) Singing of musickers as literacies learners: Storylines of becoming
Rowbotham Michelle PhD (awarded June 10 2011) Experiences of Family Carers of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: Demands, Stressors and Satisfactions
Scholes Laura PhD (awarded August 28 2011) Boys, masculinity and reading: Exploring differences amongst male readers
Scott Gareth MPhil (awarded November 6 2015) Courage under fire: Navigating the Head of Department role in challenging circumstances
Semo Groman Juan MPhil (awarded January 13 2015) Meaning in life in young Australian adults: The role of volunteerism
Teh Helen PhD (awarded May 25 2012) The practice of technical and vocational education and training in a developing country: An evaluative case study
Tran Thi PhD (awarded March 17 2014) Foreign language anxiety in a Vietnamese tertiary EFL context: Understanding its status, development, and insiders' awareness and attitudes
Tsao Jack PhD (awarded March 12 2015) Aspirational ambivalence and the imagined futures of middle-class secondary students in Hong Kong
Varela Sharon PhD (awarded March 16 2017) Resilience in sport: development of a resilience program with young athletes.
Vu Thu Thuy PhD (awarded April 29 2012) Investigating authentic assessment for student learning in Higher Education
Want Lauren PhD (awarded March 27 2017) Developing Social and Emotional Learning Competencies in Classrooms Implementing the Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support Program: Three Case Studies
Wells Jill PhD (awarded November 30 2014) Developing argumentation in mathematics: The role of evidence and context
Wooderson John PhD (awarded June 14, 2016) Evaluating disability service managers’ beliefs about performance improvement strategies: an exploratory study using Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model
Zhu Zheng PhD (awarded July 30 2015) An investigation of Chinese senior secondary physics teachers' perceptions and implementation of inquiry-based teaching in China