This year’s Postgraduate Research Community Conference is celebrating the theme “Education for Sustaining Futures”.   Given all the hurdles we have all faced in our professional and personal lives, particularly with our educational endeavours, this is a most appropriate theme! I always enjoy the Postgrad Conference as it provides the opportunity to network with colleagues in various stages of their professional lives, share in the dissemination of new information being added to the knowledge base, engage in discussion about findings and new avenues of research exploration, and keep updated about what is happening in the field. This Conference provides the opportunity to strengthen our own understanding and imaginings about educational research and prepare us for work that still needs to be done. Whether you plan to attend and/or present, this event can play an important role in the development of your own research and professional skills. I look forward to seeing you there!

Professor Patricia Morrell

Head of School

School of Education, The University of Queensland

Welcome to the 2022 Research and Postgraduate Conference, hosted by The University of Queensland's School of Education. This event is a key vehicle through which our HDRs are able to share their insights and experiences of undertaking research at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

The research they present at this event provides important insights into and extensions of the specific knowledge domains and traditions within which they are working, and the event is a key means through which our HDRs are able to revise and refine their thinking, so as to better contribute to their respective fields.  The research you will hear during the conference is novel, and reflective of our HDRs’ efforts to promulgate exemplary policy and practice and to challenge entrenched and limiting policies and practices within Education. In short, this work will help to ‘educate for sustaining futures.  We hope you find the conference invigorating and a stimulus for you to think anew your own understandings of what sustainable educational futures might look like.

Associate Professor Ian Hardy

Director of Research

School of Education, The University of Queensland