Shorter Form Credentials in Education

Upskill or extend your knowledge with shorter form credentials

Developed by UQ experts, these shorter form credentials are intended for in-service teachers or educators across a range of institutions including schools, TAFEs, early childhood, learning support programs, health and community organisations.

Shorter Form Credential Suites in Education

An Introduction to the Science of Learning in Practice
Build your knowledge and skill in the science of learning, how to lead it in professional learning communities and apply it in educational practice.
Bridging the Theory and Practice of Leadership in the Workplace
Explore leadership in context through a balanced approach of strong theoretical base knowledge paired with practical components.
Promoting Positive Student Behaviour in Educational Contexts
Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement programs that promote positive behaviours in school and manage challenging classroom behaviour.

Teachers who enrol in a group of five or more; or UQ Alumni are eligible for a 10% scholarship discount.

What are Shorter Form Credentials?

A Shorter Form Credential (SFC) is a distinct unit of study with academically assessed learning outcomes, generally offered outside an award program, and usually completed in a short time frame (i.e. months rather than years). 

SFCs may be designed for upskilling, recognition of prior learning, entry pathways, and/or to provide students with a point of differentiation. They are transferrable, recognised globally, and flexible in that they can be taken outside our standard timetable. In an age where upskilling/reskilling will be necessary in order to take on jobs that don’t yet exist, SFCs will be essential.

Study short courses without committing to a full degree. Upgrade your qualifications, or start on a new career path.
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