Researcher biography

Kelly Matthews has a prominent international profile in the field of higher education and is a multiple award-winning university teacher. She believes in the power of students and staff working together to improve teaching, learning, and the academic experience. As a top-cited scholar on student voice and student partnership in higher education, Kelly has over 120 peer-reviewed publications, 65+ invited talks, and 25+ funded projects worth $2.7 million, including a National Teaching Fellowship.

Kelly is well-known for her approach to educational change that focuses on building relationships and community. She has played a key role in establishing international collaborative writing groups and change institutes, creating and sustaining the Students as Partners Network (now numbering 1000+ students and staff), co-founding the International Journal for Students as Partners, and mentoring scholars to write and publish about their teaching and learning.​

As ITaLI's Academic Lead for Curriculum and Pedagogy, she oversees UQ's Communities of Practice, coordinates the Teaching@UQ Program, and leads the UQ Teaching-Focused Network.

Kelly is an elected member of both UQ's Academic Board and Academic Board Standing Committee. She provides a safe and supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment as a trained UQ First Responder. Kelly has been a member of the UQ Ally Network since 2007.

Connect with Kelly on Twitter @kellymatthewsUQ, learn more about her research in this podcast conversation, and read her recent co-authored book, Writing about teaching and learning in higher education.