Researcher biography

Professor Kelly Matthews researches student voice and student partnership in higher education.

Scholars in 44 countries and across 21 discipline areas have cited Kelly's influential and far-reaching research. In the past five years, she has completed a National Teaching Fellowship and secured new funding from universities, the Australian Department of Education, the U21 Global Enhancement Fund and AdvanceHE with keynote invitations from institutions in Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Norway, and the UK.

Recognised as an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow (2015) and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2023), Kelly has received numerous awards for her collaborative leadership, embodying her dedication to advancing educational excellence in partnership with students and teachers.

In 2024, Kelly is collaborating on a cross-institutional study to explore student perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI), which is co-funded by Deakin, Monash, UQ, and UTS. She is also co-organising the 10th annual Students as Partners (SaP) Roundtable with students and staff from Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, US, and UK.

Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn, learn more about her research in this podcast conversation, and read her latest co-authored book, Writing about teaching and learning in higher education.