Researcher biography

I am currently an Associate Professor of Higher Education and an elected member of the Academic Board at The University of Queensland in Australia. My attention is focused on nurturing learner-teacher relationships that foster meaningful learning opportunities in higher education. I am internationally known for my scholarship on engaging students as partners and collaborative leadership that creates learning communities advancing a shared goal for more human-centred and relational curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices in universities.

Recognised for teaching practices with both individual and team awards, I teach undergraduate students and university lecturers in the areas of pedagogy and curriculum. I have collaborated on 25+ projects worth $2.7 million and publish extensively across a range of academic genres and outlets. I am an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow, and an inaugural co-editor for the International Journal for Students as Partners. As an elected Vice-President for the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (2016-19), I co-authored the society's first strategic plan.

My new, open-access book with Mick Healey and Alison Cook-Sather, Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, is now available along with a new Guidebook, Student Partnerships in Assessment, with Catherine Bovill and Tim Hinchcliffe published by Advance HE.

Connect with me on Twitter (@kellymatthewsUQ) or LinkedIn. Learn more about my research in this podcast conversation.