Research Interests: Mathematics education; Educational technology; Early number sense

Researcher biography

I am a Lecturer of STEAM education at The University of Queensland. My research focuses on embodied mathematics and my teaching includes multiple aspects of STEAM education. Current research examines young children's development of embodied number sense, especially while interacting with digital technologies in classroom settings. As such, my research is informed by evolving theoretical perspectives on mathematics learning, embodiment, and technologies. While my strengths are applying qualitative methods for in-depth explorations of mathematics-in-action, I enjoy collaborating with colleagues who have complementary strengths in order to enhance understandings of relevant phenomena. Research projects often feature intentionally mixed methods, embracing and developing expertise in partners including academic staff, university students (HDR and undergraduate), and classroom teachers. Findings are relevant for scholarly, practitioner, and industry audiences, and we often publish and present together. Prior to joining The University of Queensland in 2019, I taught primary school for five years, then primary mathematics education and STEM education research at the tertiary level for eight years, both in the USA.