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Science education including inquiry-based approaches and assessment, visualisation and haptics in chemical education; the place of discipinarity in current educational settings; science in the middle years of schooling

Dr Tony Wright is a lecturer in science education in the School of Education at the University of Queensland. He teaches in both the secondary aned middle years of schooling programs as well as lecturing in chemistry in the School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences. He has worked as a journalist, a research chemist and has taught in high schools and universities in England and New Zealand as well as Australia. His current research involves topics that relate to science education and examine student learning in science, assessment in science education, teacher professional learning in in both school and university settings and the use of information and communication technologies to support learning. He has presented his work in England, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Austria as well as New Zealand and Australia. He teaches in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in science education as well as working teachers in schools.

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Step up! Transforming mathematics and science pre-service secondary teacher education in Queensland
Department of Education and Training (Australian Government)