Gender Studies at The University of Queensland is a lively space that promotes scholarly, collegial and community-connected explorations of questions linked to the significance of sex, gender, sexuality and other categories of difference in contemporary and historical cultures locally and globally.

Offered as a Minor interdisciplinary program, Gender Studies teaches students knowledge and skills aimed at developing capacity to critically think and analyse the major challenges and changes in gender relations today, as well as strategies for enacting gender activism.

Gender Studies at UQ encourages a reflexive and questioning approach to knowledge to locate and deconstruct the gendered nature of social processes. We draw upon the disciplines of History, Sociology, Political Science, Literary and Cultural Studies, Education and Philosophy to explore conceptual and methodological frameworks relevant to Gender Studies such as feminist theory, queer theory, critical race theory, disability studies, post/anti/decolonial theories, and post-structuralism.

Future Students - Bachelor of Arts - Gender Studies (Minor)