These guidelines are for students who first enrolled 2018 or later. 

To help you plan we've made a list of courses that includes semester offered.

Part B  - for  Master of Educational Studies students

Part B courses are designed to provide a common, contemporary and engaging learning experience for all Master of Educational Studies (MEdSt). Part B courses offer access to many academic staff in the School of Education with diverse research interests and expertise.

Two of the courses focus on educational research and inquiry, including practitioner research as well as research design and methods. One course addresses current educational policies and processes of globalisation, and one course considers change, innovation and leadership in education. The courses are designed to provide all MEdSt students with relevant knowledge, methods of inquiry and theoretical tools to successfully pursue their postgraduate studies.
Requirements for completing Part B of the Course List:

  • 16 Unit MEdSt - 4 units, including 2 units from EDUC7111 OR EDUC7112, plus 2 units for EDUC7211 OR EDUC7212
  • 24 Unit MEdSt - 6 units (any three Part B courses)
  • 32 Unit MEdSt - 8 units (all four Part B courses)