Registration: Due to limited places, please register by 8 November 2019
The University of Queensland, School of Education invites you to a Mathematics Workshop - For Senior Specialist Teachers - QCAA Mathematics Specialist syllabus for 2020. The QCAA Mathematics Specialist syllabus for 2020 requires students to gain proficiency in the nature and language of proofs, including proof techniques such as proof via the contrapositive, proof by contradiction, and proof by induction. The transition from mathematics-as-computation to mathematics-as-explanation is difficult, and helping students navigate this transition is a significant challenge in teaching. In this workshop, we will share some pragmatic tips for helping students master the basics of proof writing.

Presenter: Dr Adam Piggott, Senior Lecturer at the UQ School of Mathematics and Physics, is a mathematician with 15 years of experience teaching undergraduate mathematics, most of it in the USA.  Now back in Australia at The University of Queensland, he is passionate about helping all students recognise the potential of mathematics.

Date: Saturday 16 November 2019

Time: 8.30am for 9am to 12pm (coffee and light refreshments served)

Venue: Room 302, Social Sciences Building, Building #24, Campbell Rd, UQ, St Lucia 

Registration: Due to limited places, please register by 8 November 2019

Cost: $50      REGISTER HERE


Social Sciences Building, Building #24,
Campbell Rd, UQ, St Lucia
Room 302, Level 3