The process of Chinese education policy-making is mysterious to many western scholars. This research explores where policy knowledge comes from, whether it would be adopted by policy makers and the role of knowledge broker between knowledge producers and policy makers from the perspective of knowledge mobilization. Based on that, the practice of Chinese education policy-making, its problems and future development trend will be analyzed as well. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate that Chinese education policy-making is neither as scientific as Chinese officials think nor as terrible as some foreign scholars have conjectured.

Professor Chengwen Hong

Chengwen Hong is Professor at Beijing Normal University (BNU). He is currently Deputy Director of the Institute of Higher Education at BNU. He is also the Director of the Hainan International Institute of Future Education. Prof Hong is an active member of the China Association of Higher Education, the Academic Committee of the Faculty of Education (BNU) as well as the Center for Higher Education Research (SUSTech). His current research areas are in university fundraising and knowledge mobilisation in education policy-making.

Seminar detail

Date:        Tuesday 09 August 2019

Time:       3:00 pm 4:00 pm

Room:     room s402, Social Sciences Building #24


room s402, Social Sciences Building #24