“We’re not helpless here!”: Counter-stories of recently-migrated Australian teachers from Asian Confucian Heritage Culture backgrounds”


Transnational mobility has led to greater diversity in both student and teacher populations in the education context. Consequently, migrant pre-service (PSTs), beginning (BTs) and in-service teachers from Asian Confucian Heritage Culture backgrounds (ACHCBs) have become an increasingly important stakeholder in our education system, and a target of educational research. However, the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) as an analytical framework reveals that much of the existing ACHCB literature essentialises this particular group of teachers through deficit discourses of culture without considering personal agency, the structural forces at play, or how such intersections impact identity. Through the use of composite autoethnography, this study aims to explore the (racialised) experiences of ACHCB PSTs and BTs in the Australian context – specifically, how these teachers exercise their agency and shape their identity in the unfamiliar and inherently hostile, power-laden Western university and school environments.

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