Writing as a 21st century skill:  A dialogic approach to literacy pedagogy​


In response to the growing concern over students’ writing capabilities at the secondary level (Graham, Early, & Wilcox, 2014), this project explores how educators can use talk as a tool to progress the thinking and communication abilities of their students. More specifically, it investigates what it means to take a dialogic approach (Alexander, 2008) to the design and implementation of writing experiences in three secondary school Humanities classrooms. By treating writing as a collaborative problem-solving endeavor, educators can infuse the process of academic writing with a sense of agency and criticality, which, in turn, can contribute to the development of more discerning student writers. Drawing on the local knowledge of schools and extant educational research, I will use a co-inquiry case-study design (Hennessy, Mercer & Warwick, 2011) to collect qualitative data.

Supervisors: Professor Robyn Gillies, Associate professor Deb Brown

Panel members: Dr. Gil Burgh and Dr. Peter Ellerton

Date and Time:  Thursday 28th Feb, 2019 from 330pm - 5pm.

Location: Building 31A (Annexe), Room 103

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Building 31A (Annexe), Room 103