Path-­dependency for Policy Enactment: Outsourcing of Teaching in Public Schools in South Korea and Hong Kong

This presentation aims to explore the path dependency of policy enactment using the case of
educational outsourcing in the contexts of South Korea and Hong Kong. Drawing on the
literature, it presents a framework to explore aspects of path dependence. It then analyses how
the official discourse of the private as a partner for provision of public education is linked (or
not) with policy texts on educational outsourcing and the practices, possibly due to path
dependency, through a case study involving 6 schools as well as document analysis. The
findings show that the path dependence framework is a useful tool to capture the policy
enactment process across the three levels of discourse, text, and practice, and suggests the
need for expansion of policy enactment theory, contributing to the debate on policy processes
in education.

Dr Taehee Choi, Education University of Hong Kong

Dr Taehee Choi is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education and Human Development
at the Education University of Hong Kong. She works in the domains of sociology of education,
policy sociology in education, and ESL and language policy. She has published in these areas
including in the Journal of Education Policy and is currently editing a special number of Critical
Studies in Education on equity in schooling in Asia in a time of transition. She has won a
University Grants Commission research grant for Early Career Researchers and has a new
proposal currently under review with the Commission that involves a comparative study of the
privatization of ESL in Hong Kong, South Korea, Greece, Japan, and Australia. She heads up
the Education Policy group in her Faculty.

Seminar details:
Date: 8 February 2019
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Room: 24-402


Building 24, Room 402