Investigating Research Engagement of Cambodian Academics: Challenges and Opportunities

In an era of globalisation and internationalisation of higher education, not many countries seem to be able to exist in isolation. Trends towards knowledge-based economies have permeated the world, so has the trend towards building research and world-class universities. Knowledge is now power. It drives economic growth and productivity and therefore the ability to produce and use knowledge is arguably an absolute necessity in this rapidly changing world. Developing countries tend to lag behind their developed counterparts in many domains, be it educational, economic, or social, notably due to their limited knowledge production capacity.

It is within this broad context that this study is proposed to examine how research and knowledge production are practiced in developing economies such as Cambodia by investigating research engagement of Cambodian academics. Due to a relative lack of research activity, little is known about the nature of research engagement of Cambodian academics. Drawing on constructivism and a conceptual framework informed by a sociocultural understanding of agency, this study aims to investigate how Cambodian academics engage in research and knowledge production and identify factors which facilitate or impede their engagement in research.

The study will employ a case study approach to explore the phenomenon of research engagement of Cambodian academics using multiple methods of data collection, such as analysis of documents, focus group discussions with academics, and in-depth interviews with university management and academics. The findings of this investigation will contribute to the currently limited literature on research engagement of academics in developing countries and provide an in-depth understanding of how Cambodian academics engage in research and academic publishing. Having such an understanding would be an important step towards fostering and enhancing Cambodian academics’ engagement in research and knowledge production.

Date:  Tuesday 29th January 2019                        

Time:  4:00pm – 6:00pm                      

Location:  Room 506/Building 24             

PANEL:  Professor Peter Renshaw (Chair) and Dr Vicente Reyes                   

Principal Advisor:  Dr Obaid Hamid

Associate Advisor:  Associate Professor Asad Khan


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