Becoming Internationally Minded; A cogenerative approach to constructing collective critical understanding of the International Baccalaureate’s central tenet

International education is a space of contested values and competing agendas. All stakeholders within the context of an international school, be they, teachers, administrators, students, parents, or local community members enter into this space with a host of different culturally, nationally, economically and politically motivated values towards education. Within this context, the International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a host of educational programs free of localized values designed to accommodate to the diverse needs of this complex space. At the heart of this organization’s values is the principle of International Mindedness. It is a concept devoted to promoting peace through intercultural understanding and mutual respect for a common humanity. All students within the scope of the IB programs are nurtured to develop as learners in the spirit of this concept. Despite this being the case, robust descriptions of this concept in practice are scant and research literature is limited to localized interpretations. In an effort to accommodate for everyone, the IB has inadvertently allowed for anything and as such deprived International Mindedness of its critical potential and necessity. This research aims to establish cogenerative communities across institutions and national borders within the Asia-Pacific region to construct common critical understandings.

PANEL:                     Prof. Robyn Gillies (Chair)

                                   Dr Obaid Hamid

 Principal Advisor:    Dr Linda Willis

Associate Advisor:    Assoc. Prof. Liz MacKinlay

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