English for human capital development in a globalising world: Policy, practices and perceptions

Discourses of English for individual career mobility and national economic development are receiving increasing attention in development contexts under neoliberal globalisation. It is in this context of development that human capital formation through English language teaching (ELT) has been emphasized which has contributed to a new ELT policy trend referred to as “English for human capital development”. However, not much research has been carried out to explore how and under what conditions discourses of human capital are translated into ELT policy, and how English for human capital development is perceived and practised by key education actors and stakeholders. Taking Bangladesh as a case and drawing on the theoretical resources of Pierre Bourdieu, the current qualitative case study aims to address this empirical gap. In doing so, the study will be conducted in four secondary schools situated in different socio-economic contexts. Multiple instruments—documents, interviews, focus group discussion, classroom observation and artefacts—will be used to undertake extensive data collection from four groups of participants: institutional administrators, English teachers, students and their parents. The study is expected to contribute to our understanding of English for human capital and suggest implications for policy and practice of English in development contexts.

Date: Friday 18th January, 2019
Time: 2.00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Room 506/Building 24

Panel Chair: Prof Bob Lingard

Other panel members: Dr Simone Smala

Principal Advisor: Dr Obaid Hamid

Other Advisors: Associate Professor Ian Hardy and Professor M. Adil Khan


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