Our presentation introduces collaborative research projects in mathematics education, in which
we intertwine research with development and place educational equity firmly at the centre of
our work. Drawing on a mathematics story-­time program with South African reception year
(Prep) learners, and on ‘Fraction as Measure’ project conducted with Year 3-­5 learners in
Mexico, Australia, and South Africa, we explore functions of story in learning – and teaching –

While our data consistently indicates students’ progress in the intended specific mathematics
outcomes (e.g., numeral and number word recognition in the story-­time program, comparison
of relative size of unit fractions with fraction learners), we highlight broader learning outcomes
present in our studies. The reception children changed their way of being a learner participant
in the family and community. Similarly, the teachers who adapted ‘Fraction as Measure’
sequence in their classrooms changed their expectations for their students’ learning as well as
ways in which this learning was organised in their classrooms. We are working to understand
features of story-­based resources in making these outcomes possible.

Prof Mellony Graven, UQ School of Education visiting Professor in 2018
Mellony is a full Professor at Rhodes University and holds the South African Numeracy Chair.
She is the past president of the Southern African Association of Mathematics Science and
Technology Education (2012-­2014), founding editor of the journal Learning and Teaching
Mathematics, and an associate editor for the journal For the Learning of Mathematics.
Mellony's work focuses on the creation of a hub of mathematical activity, passion and
innovation that blends teacher and learner numeracy development with research focused on
searching for sustainable ways forward to the challenges of mathematics education.

Dr Jana Višňovská
Jana is a lecturer in mathematics education at the University of Queensland, focusing on
mathematics classroom practices, teacher professional development, and teachers’ resources.
Using design research, she studies how to support teachers in creating opportunities for all
students to learn meaningful mathematics in classrooms. She is a re(Solve) champion
(resolve.edu.au) and co-­chairs a topic study group on teachers’ resources at the main 4-­yearly
International Congress on Mathematics Education (www.icme14.org).

Date:          Friday, 2nd November, 2018

Time:         11:15am - 12:45pm

Location:   24-s402