2018 has seen the ascendance of post-truth politics also known as post-factual and post-reality. Post-truth is opposed to the formal conventions of debate, the contestation of ideas and the falsifiability of theories and statements. In a post-truth era what reigns supreme are fallacies, talking points, leaked information, and so-called fake news fueled by unfettered social and traditional media, and a highly-polarised political spectrum. What are the implications of post-truth to educational research that values social justice, ethical integrity, the search for the good of the community as well as that of the individual? How will research and its tenets of validity, reliability and trustworthiness respond to the challenges brought upon by a post-truth world? The UQ School of Education’s Postgraduate Research Community and Griffith University’s RHD Community invite you to its 2018 joint conference in attempting to interrogate and reconcile research paradoxes where notions of justice, integrity and impact in an increasingly complex post-truth world.

Presented by Dr Louise Phillips and Dr Lan Nguyen

When: Tuesday 28 August, 3:45 pm – 4:45pm
Where: Room 328, Building 24, UQ
RSVP: m.ejlertsen@uq.edu.au

Workshop date claimer:
Post-Conference Workshops
When: Sunday 16 Sep, 9 am - 2 pm

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Building 24