The panel comprises participants who have been part of the network for more than a decade, as well as more recent members. By way of introduction, panellists will briefly discuss the nature of their work as members of the network, followed by an interactive discussion about their research and writing practices. Possible points of discussion and interest may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Meet the members of the panel
  2. History of writing together (‘older’ PEP members, and ‘newer’ PEP members) - including how collaboration has built over time;
  3. Actual writing practices. (This includes broader conceptual approaches, as well as the actual practices researchers undertake (how to start an article; patterns of writing activity (write every morning from 8.00 – 10.00 in the study at home; write all day Friday?)
  4. How to analyse data (including in relation to the theory of practice architectures)
  5. Question and answer time

Panel members:

  • Associate Professor Shirley Agostinho, University of Wollongong; 
  • Professor Peter Grootenboer, Griffith University; 
  • Dr Ian Hardy, The University of Queensland; 
  • Professor Alex Kostogriz, Monash University; 
  • Dr Kirsten Petrie, University of Waikato, NZ;
  • Associate Professor Jane Wilkinson, Monash University.

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Any questions please contact Dr Ian Hardy 


Room D114 (Groundfloor of Duhig Tower, Building #2)