Adults with a Disability Learning to Participate in a Community Literacy Program

The active participation of people with a disability is a core value of the National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS). Increasingly the role of community services is constructed as a prerequisite to enable people with disabilities to actively participate. However community participation is a contested concept ranging from a presence in a place to a network of local relationships. Care providers are often unclear about what they are required to achieve leading to weak implementation of the participation policy. By focusing on the experience of active participation this study aims to bring thoughtfulness and tact to the struggle of choice and community participation. Engagement in meaningful literacy is a space in which a person with a disability can enact their independence and find their voice in the community.

This research will investigate the experience of active participation and the role of literacy. It will conduct stages of inquiry of active participation and stages of enhancement of community participation through the practice of learning with adults with disabilities.  People with disabilities will craft anecdotes of their experiences which will inform a program of learning support.  Data will be analysed at each stage using a participatory research model compatible with the notion of “spaces” in which the perspectives of researchers, people with a disability and those who support them will discuss participation in a context of shared power.

Date         Monday 28th May 2018

Time        2:30pm to 4:30pm

Panel:      Dr Rhonda Faragher (Chair) and A/Prof  Liz Mackinlay

Principal Advisor: A/Prof Karen Moni     Associate Advisor: Prof Karen Nankervis

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