Exploring university students’ perceptions of autonomous English as a foreign language (EFL) learning practices outside the classroom: a dialogical approach.


Second language acquisition has been widely viewed as the result of language learning that is usually held within the two dimensions of classroom-based language learning and beyond the classroom language learning (Nunan & Richards, 2015; Richards, 2015; Reinders & Benson, 2017). Within these different sociocultural learning contexts, an abundance of material, social, and discursive resources are available for language learners to appropriate for their autonomous language learning practices outside the classroom (Palfreyman, 2014; Reinders & Benson, 2017). However, more approaches to research is needed to understand how learners utilize these various resources for autonomous language learning outside the classroom and how these resources might further develop their learner autonomy (Chik, 2018; Reinders & Benson, 2017; Reinders & White, 2011, 2016; Sockett, 2014).

The purpose of this study is to investigate the dynamic interaction between Saudi EFL learners and the resources available within their physical and virtual language learning spaces as reflected in the students’ voices about their autonomous language learning practices outside the classroom. Using Bakhtin’s dialogism as a theoretical framework (Bakhtin, 1981, 1984, 1986, 1990, 1993), the study will employ a multiple case studies research design using interviews, personal documents, and retrospective think-aloud protocols (RTAP) as data collection instruments. Moreover, data of the study will be inductively analyzed using multiple case study analysis (Stake, 2006). It is argued that the results of the study will provide language educators with valuable insights into how to develop autonomy for their students to make use of the various language learning resources available within physical and virtual learning spaces outside the classroom (Oxford, 2015; Reinders & Benson, 2017; Richards, 2015).


Principal Advisor

Dr. Simone Smala

Associate advisor

Dr. Vicente Reyes

Panel Chair

Associate Professor Jason Lodge

Other panel member/s

Dr. Susan Creagh

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17 May 2018

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