The purpose of this study is to examine the nature of different teaching approaches, the resulting mathematical classroom discourses, and the perspectives of students and teachers in the Iranian high school classrooms on mathematics taught. Adopting a sociocultural perspective on learning, I will investigate how Iranian students come to view mathematics in a particular way as they experience different mathematical environments; and examine teachers’ perspectives of how mathematics learning opportunities they create in their classrooms shape their students’ learning. I will collect data on two Year 11 mathematics classrooms, including (a) field notes of classroom observations; (b) semi-structured interviews with two mathematics teachers; and (c) semi-structured interviews with 9 students from each of the classrooms. I will analyse data using inductive approach to analysis. This study will contribute to understanding of teaching approaches because it is important if we want to change something in Iran.

Date         Monday 9th April 2018

Time        3:30pm to 5:30pm

Panel:      Professor Robyn Gillies (Chair) and Dr Jodie Miller

Principal Advisor: Dr Jana Visnovska    Associate Advisor: Associate Professor Katie Makar

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